lördag 10 oktober 2020


Love this card!!

Butterflies from Pysselskafferiet and Panduro.
Half Pearls, laces, flowers and vintage photos from Pysselskafferiet.
Stamp from Helihak.

torsdag 27 februari 2020

Envelope Bag.

Envelope Bags.

The pink papers are Blomsterglede Roser Kort & Godt.
Think I bought them in Papirpikene, but I can´t find
that website now.
The blue paper with roses is Vintage Autumn Maja Design. Bought
it  and the blue paper in Pysselskafferiet.

fredag 12 april 2019

Self Closing Box.

A little Self Closing Box perhaps with some candy in it.

The blue paper is from Bokia in Jönköping and Maja Design
from Pysselskafferiet. The die is from Rox stamps.

tisdag 26 mars 2019

Floating Pop Box Card.

I tried to make two Floating Pop Box Cards.
The papers are from Pysselskafferiet and Westers.
The plastic I used from an old photo pocket. The
Dies from Rox Stamps and the stamps from
Pysselskafferiet and Rox Stamps. 



torsdag 15 november 2018

Small Calendar.

Small Calendar.

The Paper is The Sofiero Collection Maja Design,
the Vintage photo and the Die, Spellbinders from
Pysselskafferiet. The Calendar Docrafts from 
Scrapbruket. The flowers are from Py Hobby
and the sticker from Panduro.

tisdag 13 november 2018

Vintage Photo Balls.

Vintage Photo Balls.

All material to the Balls are from Pysselskafferiet.    








lördag 31 mars 2018

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter 2018!!
The white paper, rabbits, crowns and sticker from Panduro.
Vintage Spring Basics Maja Design, pearls and leaves
from Ljuva Änglar. Blue Anemorte from Pyssloteket.
Vintage photo, Paper Dolly and lace ribbon from

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